Monday, April 11, 2016

Ray Lewis, for the love of God, stop cooning!

This past Saturday, Tariq Nasheed hosted the 1st Annual Plantation Ceremony Awards, aka, The Coon Train Awards. The show is clearly satire, but the things that came out of the nominees' mouths were no laughing matter. Stephen A. Smith, Stacey Dash, Dr. Ben Carson and others have said some of the most ridiculous things ever spoken when it comes to issues of race. (BTW, Stephen A Smith and Stacey Dash won in their respective categories.)However, this past week, Former All-Pro & Future NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis set a whole new bar for cooning.

Ray Lewis posted a ten minute impression of a street preacher near your local corner store. The only difference is that the corner store preacher has more merit than Ray Lewis does. Let me state for the record, All lives do matter. Yes, we have a problem with black on black violence in the inner city. Yes, it needs to be addressed.  Yes, all lives do matter and are precious in the eyes of God.

That being said, the reason why there is a "Black Lives Matter" movement Ray is the fact that white officer who typically kill unarmed black men will not face the criminal justice system. When it comes to black people who kill black people, they are typically going to face the criminal justice system and do jail time. I know this because I practice law. I've been in the court system and I've seen first hand what has happened.

And contrary to popular belief, there are groups of people including the Nation of Islam, 100 Black Men of America, The Peacekeepers, countless ministers, preachers, priests and lay people as well who have marched against violence. You see, just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not happening. It doesn't mean that we don't care about violence in our community. But we are concerned when those sworn to uphold the law and protect us from criminals act like the thugs that their supposed to throw in jail.

So Ray, do us all a favor. Stick to sportscasting and take off your tap shoes when you speak.