Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm with Spike

Hey family. It's been a long time since I last typed with y'all. I've been really busy taking care of some things in my time away from saving SUNO, of which they'll be voting on tomorrow. While I was off, I've been hearing about beef. Not Grade A, but beef between to black directors. Spike Lee and Tyler Perry have been feuding over the quality of movie making between the two. Spike thinks Tyler's movies are buffonish, while Tyler says Spike shouldn't get to heaven. (Not in those exact words, but same meaning.) Now, I'm an artist myself, and I believe artists should be able to be creative and do all things. But after spending my last $7.50 on Madea's Big Happy Family, I will say, I'm with Spike.

Now, I've got nothing against Tyler Perry. He's given opportunities to other black actors, whether rookie or veteran, and they've gotten exposure. In an industry that largely ignores black actors, Tyler has adopted them.  Not to forget, he's also given opportunites to writers, directors, waterboys, flower girls, the whole nine, the opportunity to work. But with that being said, I can't really say that I quantity of work outshines the quality of it. Tyler Perry's movies, to me aren't really realistic when it deals with relationships with black men and women.

For example, in Why Did I Get Married?, Parts 1&2, Michael Jai White is married to Tasha Smith, who's loud, abrassive, abusive and annoying. So annoying, that even her friends are embarrased to be around her at times. What black man, with a great job, benefits, good-looking, (Not gay, but you get the point) will put up with being married to a woman like that? The sex has got to be that good.

In a recent interview with Russ Parr, veteran actor Clifton Powell blasted Spike Lee for his treatment of black actors and how he handled money with the cast and crew on his movies. He also talked about how he doesn't like Spike and how he would "kick his ass" if he had a problem with that. Now, I don't know anything on their relationship or what Spike may or may not have done, but I can tell you this: Nearly all of Spike's movies I can say are classics. From Do the Right Thing to School Daze to Malcolm X, and even the ones that weren't really financially successful like She Hate Me (Oh, the Sex scenes. Anthony Mackie, you the man.).

So, with all that being said, I really like both of these brothers. I do hope they have success with their movies and work. And I'm saying that in part cause my butt is looking for a job! I hope that Tyler can grow to make more movies than just a 6'3" grandmother in drag. Daddy's Little Girl's was a great movie  that was closer to dealing with black men and fatherhood. Perhaps if he can get more balance, then I may see things differently. Til then, Spike: Where's She Hate Me 2: The Return?