Monday, August 29, 2011

Katrina: 6 years and still struggling

Hey Family,

It's been a while since we've last talked. I've been busy getting this law school stuff down, trying to think like an attorney, and avoid acting like a criminal. I had to take time however from my busy schedule and discuss what has happened six years ago. Six years ago, on August 30th will actually mark when the flooding of New Orleans began. I say intentionally August 30th, not the 29th. (We can talk about conspiracies at a later date) Even though Hurricane Katina actually struck Mississippi more than New Orleans, we are still suffering and struggling to make it.

I was passing through New Orleans recently on my way to see an ill relative. While in Ponchartrain Park, I couldn't help but to feel this naustious feeling, not just from the potholes in the road, but the lack of progress being made on a city, state, and God know's federal standpoint. To still see the blighted houses, the lack of two hospitals in New Orleans East, no shopping mall and the lack of police protection just shows how long  we've come, because we haven't even moved. God bless the people of New Orleans and also to Mr. Mario Richard. I love you