Friday, January 22, 2016

Stacey Dash: The Mis-Education of A Clueless Negro

This past week, actress Stacey Dash made headlines with her commentary on Fox News about the Oscars, Black History Month, and whatever else Fox wanted her to say. It seems every other day, a news outlet like Fox News, will hire a Stacey Dash, Dexter Manley, or Sheriff David Clark to crap on black people. But it's much larger than hiring these people to give "their opinion." There is an agenda at foot. That agenda is to enforce the white supremacist rhetoric that has been around since the first slaves were brought here. Except now it's done in black face.

Now I don't want us to get sidetracked from the original purpose of this post. Stacey Dash stated that there shouldn't be a Black History Month. She states that BET should not exist because if there were an all white network, people would be shouting racism. (Hey Stacey, BET is owned by whites!) Well,  here's some history for you, Stacey. Black History Month originally started out as Negro History Week by the late Dr. Carter G. Woodson. He created Negro History Week because the contributions that Black Americans made in this country, and throughout the world were not being taught in schools, universities, and public in general. Dr. Woodson is the author of the book "The Mis-Education of the Negro.", and judging by your comments, you seem to be part of the "Mis-Educated."

The reason why Stacey: RACISM!! You see, Black History Month is apart of American History. No doubt about it. The problem is that those in power don't want the younger generations to know their history, i.e. A school board in Texas that voted to remove the Transatlantic Slave Trade from the textbooks and call it the Triangular Trade. You see Stacey, Black History Month is there so that we could commemorate and celebrate the contributions of Black Americans and the fact that those contributions still continue to the present day.

Now, I am not a defender of BET because BET has not served Black Americans in the capacity that it was originally created for. Some argue that BET has done more damage than the Ku Klux Klan. At the time it made it's debut, black musicians could not get airplay on certain television networks. In fact, BET debuted in 1979; two years before MTV, which did not play any black artists with the exceptions of Michael Jackson, Prince and Lionel Richie, who were Pop and Rock & Roll stars.

But that opened the door for Bounce TV, TV One and Aspire TV for Black Americans to showcase talents you won't see on other networks, mainly the one that pays you to coon. So yes, Black History is American History, it's just sad that a beautiful person of color like Stacey Dash is "Clueless" about this.